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Schwerpunktprogramm SPP 1538
Spin Caloric Transport


Welcome to the websites of the DFG Priority Program "Spin Caloric Transport". The website offers information on the research, the scientific participants and their projects, current events and spintronics in general. You will also find current scientific highlights of the participants and new developments in the field of spintronics.


03.-04.03.2016 DFG Kolloquium (SPP 1538) “Spin Caloric Transport” in Bad Honnef


The deadline for registration is February 1st, 2016

Recent publications

F. Busse, M. Mansurova, B. Lenk, M. von der Ehe and M. Münzenberg:  A scenario for magnonic spin-wave traps Sci. Rep. 5, 12824 (2015)

J. Shan, F. K. Dejene, J. C. Leutenantsmeyer, J. Flipse, M. Münzenberg and B. J. van Wees:  Comparison of the magneto-Peltier and magneto-Seebeck effects in magnetic tunnel junctions Phys. Rev. B 92, 020414(R) (2015)